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The algorithm will, sooner or later, contain a listing of image windows H and an inventory of photographs I. A mapping of pictures to image windows where II maps to HI, In maps to Hn results in a health measurement rating. Each picture to image window mapping might be scored based on picture attributes and required picture window's attributes weighting issue. The algorithm could be selected to run for a computed number of iterations (variety of pictures×number of holes or a subset thereof), till a predetermined health rating is achieved, till the improvement from iteration to iteration is beneath a predetermined threshold, or until another programmed cut off. The algorithm analyzes the photographs and determines what attributes they've both by accessing the metadata or semantic data extracted from the picture or both.

If favorites have been selected, decision 1125 then uses methods much like step 930 in FIG. If no favorite photographs have been selected we utilize picture choice step 1210 and formatting in step 1130. If automated mode 1150 is enabled, the ultimate person enhanceable product is assembled, delivered, printed and/or in any other case outputted 1160. If automatic choice just isn't turned on, the person has the ability to override 1140 the alternatives made by the picture choice process till he or she is happy. Once the user is happy, the final person enhanceable product is assembled, delivered, printed and/or in any other case outputted 1160. If several favorite photographs are selected by the user, the corresponding highest scoring templates could be introduced to the customer, or the highest n templates for every favorite image can be offered, or the highest n templates for less than the highest scoring favourite image may be offered.

5 illustrates a technique and outcomes of a compatibility rating calculation. 1 illustrates a computer system for use in a preferred embodiment of the present invention. A game machine based on claim 17 or declare 18, whereby stated special results generating means is arranged to discharge air at said player. particular results producing means for giving special effects to heighten the participant's sense of being in the scene as the game unfolds. A stereo sound results game machine according to claim 12, whereby stated vibration means is a speaker construction, and mentioned vibration driving means is a speaker driving means.

The network connected pc system will then retrieve these photographs for use in generating a completed picture display template. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A most well-liked embodiment of the present invention is a technique for generating an together with figuring out a minimum of one main image file that is stored on a computer accessible medium and consists of primary picture attribute data saved within the file or associated with the file domestically or in a distributed community. Another image file is mechanically selected to be displayed in coordination with the primary picture file. A digital template that accommodates a number of windows for displaying photographs is selected primarily based on the attribute data of the first picture file.

In particular, the present strategies and apparatuses automatically search for, find, consider, and organize digital pictures in a digital picture template according to programmed artistic designs. changing, utilizing the presentation converting means, the game presentation displayed on the display screen on the idea of the calculated position of the peripheral device. whereby mentioned rotation management means rotates stated rotation means as the game unfolds, and mentioned image generating means adjustments photographs according to the rotation.

The rule of thirds is a photographic composition rule that has confirmed to yield well balanced or pure looking prints by the typical observer, and can be programmed to be used by computer system 26. If a picture is broken into an equally spaced 3×three grid with two horizontal and two vertical traces, the aesthetic design concept is to move or place the image such that the topic of curiosity is located on one of the 4 dividing traces. Similar rule of thirds tag entries include “OffsetRight”, “OffsetTop”, “OffsetBottom”, “OffsetUL”, “OffsetUR”, “OffsetLL”, and “OffsetLR” to put the picture such that the principle topic is located on one of many 4 rule of thirds lines or, as in the final four examples above, on one of many 4 intersecting points of these lines.

The last entry, on this instance it's “OffsetLeft”, is used as a template/window specification, and not as an image selection guideline, and thus the final line does not have a paired weight line. The final entry specifies that the highest scoring picture, or the image selected for a virtual template opening, must be modified in some respect. This may be known as a “post processing” step because it's used as a nice tuning step or as a post-choice format step. In this example the specification states that the principle subject be shifted left utilizing the rule of thirds earlier than digital placement into the template opening.

Regarding the automatic template choice process as proven in FIG. 7, further enhancements and modifications can be achieved with these embodiments of the current invention as follows. For instance, each template could be evaluated across multiple standards such as size, orientation, variety of window openings, theme, color, and texture. Upon completion of the automated template selection step 1070, the template with the highest score is the template that is chosen for the person enhanceable product.

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